As soon as every woman becomes a mom, everything changes. New commitments for small and the most important person in the world are gratifying but, at the same time, a little worrying. It seems that impending parenthood comes with all types of new skills to learn and things to worry about. For example, how to wash baby clothes safely, while knowing that babies have extremely sensitive skin and following skin problems such as diaper rash or skin irritation.

A baby’s sensitive skin is thinner than an adult’s and therefore requires gentle detergents.  Moreover, all parents want chemical load on babies be kept to a minimum. And we are proudly taking this commitment on ourselves! All PROBIOTIC CRAFT products are fragrance-free, colour-free and preservatives-free.

Probiotics – beneficial bacteria for better protection

With delicate skin and evolving immune systems, your little bundles of joy are extremely vulnerable to the environment around them.

While creating PROBIOTIC CRAFT products, we thought of everyone: both adults and, of course, kids. That is why we selected only the finest and superior quality natural origin ingredients together with the greatest base of them all and one of the most wonderful creatures of nature – PROBIOTICS. Probiotics, good bacteria, are integral to the DNA of all our products’ formula. How are they useful for the care of babies’ clothes? Probiotics can help reduce skin irritations as well as diaper rash. Diaper rash is a common ailment caused by yeast and may occur as a consequence of, among various things, for example a course of antibiotics taken. Probiotics, or good bacteria, help not only to curb pre-existing rashes, but also to prevent them from occurring ones.

Baby diapers – how are they washed?

Diapers save money, nature and baby’s sensitive skin. Cloth diapers contribute significantly less harm to the environment than their disposable counterparts. Moreover, cloth diapers are used specially to reduce the chemical load, as large amounts of harmful chemicals, such as perfumes, that can cause skin allergies to have been found in ordinary diapers.

PROBIOTIC CRAFT laundry liquid and fabric softener suits perfectly for washing of these so sensitive for babies’ skin clothes. PROBIOTIC CRAFT laundry liquid washes clothes at all temperatures, including hand washing. PROBIOTIC CRAFT fabric softener acts as a conditioner for hair; it makes the laundry soft and keeps the clothes clean for longer. Moreover, formulas of our products are specially developed for sensitive skin and approved by dermatologists and allergologists.

Washing new clothes before use

Have you ever wondered how many hands have touched your baby’s new clothes before you? It is advisable to always wash clothes before use, including adult clothes, especially if you are sensitive. Clothes may contain nasty bacteria and other dirt if they have been fitted. In addition, new clothing may contain chemical residues that prevent clothing from wrinkling. Some imported clothing may also contain some of us allergenic anti-mold agents.

If you are sensitive and allergic, prefer PROBIOTIC CRAFT laundry liquid tested and approved by allergologists. Bedding and towels should also be washed before first use, as well as new diapers.

A practical and ecological gift for a family with children

Are you looking for a birthday present or a wedding party? Something useful that doesn’t leave dust on the bottom of the wardrobe? There should be so much laundry in a family with children that it is definitely worth switching to detergents with environmentally friendly, ecological alternatives. Especially with a small baby, when clothes are allowed to be changed several times a day, the laundry lining may grow huge, so laundry liquid does. Choose PROBIOTIC CRAFT laundry liquid and fabric softener as a gift, pack it in a beautiful package with a pair of diapers.

Comfortable and safe washing moments!