Laundry liquid with probiotics

Laundry liquid with probiotics

Inspired by nature laundry liquid is composed of superior natural origin ingredients and probiotic bacteria. Enriched with lotus extract for the ultimate experience and special care of your laundry. Lotus extract has special antioxidant features, protects the human body from harmful externalities, soothes and protects the skin from irritation and inflammation. Contain no preservatives, colourants or other unnecessary ingredients.

Specially developed for sensitive skin. Approved by dermatologists and allergologists.

Don’t forget to add your favorite scent from our fragrance collection and express your mood with clothes.

Laundry liquid is very concentrated. Use 20 to 30 ml depending on the condition of the laundry and the hardness of the water. For example, for 4 to 5 kg of medium soiled laundry and medium hard water use 20 ml of laundry liquid. For very dirty fabrics and hard water, use 30 ml of laundry liquid. Suitable for all types of fabrics, including silk and wool, both machine and hand wash, at various temperatures – from 20° to 90° C.

Tip: To respect the environment, run your washing machine with a full load, choose low temperature washing cycles and follow dosage instructions.

Add a few drops of fragrance to the washing machine drawer for fabric softener or sprinkle few drops of fragrance on a wool dryer ball or white cotton cloth and toss it into the dryer. Adjust the amount of fragrance according to how strong you wish the scent to be.

15-30% plant based anionic surfactants, <5% soaps. Also contains: water, glycerol, sequestrants, sorbitan, monooctanoate, acidity regulator, Lotus extract, probiotic bacteria.