Have you ever thought that doing laundry has environmental implications, from the water and power used to the harmful substances hidden in chemical detergents? A more natural approach to laundry is crucial for the health of humans and the planet, so consider eco-friendly alternative that not only respects our planet but also the garments we so carefully design, make, shop for a wear.

With the biggest respect to all environment, we created PROBIOTIC CRAFT odour remover which might extend the washing intervals and can help to reduce the amount of laundry. Inspired by nature odour remover is composed of superior natural origin ingredients and probiotic bacteria, for the special care of your garments and footwear. Contain no preservatives, colourants or other unnecessary ingredients. Moreover, this odour remover is enriched with probiotics, i.e. good bacteria. Unpleasant smell is often caused by bad bacteria that multiply rapidly, especially in humid and warm conditions. Probiotics help prevent the growth of bad bacteria and thus reduce the formation of unpleasant odours.

How to protect your garments and keep them fresh for a longer?

Refreshing your garments. One easy solution to protect your garments is doing less laundry less often. Another – refreshing clothes with an odour remover, which lengthens washing intervals and keeps clothes clean for a long time. Sensitive materials such as wool, silk, and natural cotton may shrink, lose their shape or wear if washed very often or incorrectly. The less you wash your more beloved garments, the longer they will stay like new!

PROBIOTIC CRAFT odour remover formula specially developed for sensitive skin. So, we proudly ensure that your adorable silky dress might be protected for a longer without any impact to your skin.

Refreshing clothes on the seasons change. When you pack your winter clothes, spray them with an odour remover to prevent them from smelling dull after keeping them for a longer. Moreover, wouldn’t you like to revive that good feeling about last winter’s holidays? CARNIVAL fragrance is just one of the possible choices. Just add a few drops of CRAFT’s fragrance to odour remover before spaying and packing.

Refresh your sportswear and shoes. An active lifestyle always good for all of us. But usually, it means a full laundry basket also. Here PROBIOTIC CRAFT odour remover acts as a superhero here! Use it before and after your workout. Probiotics, the main DNA of all PROBIOTIC CRAFT products, will fight properly with bad odours may occur, and all you need is just to get some relax. A particularly handy CRAFT’s odour remover suits perfectly for refreshing training shoes. Actually, not only training ones. All of them!

Rescue for the tourist. Being in nature inspires all of us. The odour remover is the rescue of the hiker, traveler, and hiker. Have the handy bottle of odour remover in your backpack, spray on stale clothes and continue your journey in a fresh mode! It is also advisable to spray the odour remover after camping on the tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag and backpack, when it is difficult to wash them. Where water washing of clothes is not possible, the odour remover will keep you feeling fresh for a longer.

How to refresh your home environment?

Pet Beds. Every pet owner knows that animals don’t smell like flowers always. You can spray the odour remover on pet beds, clothes, and even a cat litter box to prevent animal odours. PROBIOTIC CRAFT products are also completely safe for pets.

Home surface care and odour prevention. Moist and warm surfaces are favorable conditions for bacterial growth. Spray odour remover on kitchen levels to prevent nasty odours. Bad bacteria like to settle in the constantly wet corners of the bathroom. PROBIOTIC CRAFT odour remover is to help to keep every corner of your cozy home clean and fresh. And do not forget to add your own mood to your home with Carnival, Nature of Relaxation scents.

Protection of washing machine and laundry. Unpleasant smells are usually caused by bacteria nesting in the washing machine. When the washing machine smells, the laundry may also smell unpleasant. Washing with PROBIOTIC CRAFT laundry liquid itself improves the washing machine’s bacterial population, but you can also spray odour remover on the washing machine drum between laundry days for better protection.

Careful protection for bedroom and beddings. Most of us wants to stay in a bed for a longer on lazy weekends. PROBIOTIC CRAFT odour remover helps to refresh your sheets or pillows. While using PROBIOTIC CRAFT laundry liquid, enriched with unique lotus extract, ensures the careful protection of your beddings. And by adding a few drops of your favorite scent will help to create a special mood for these cozy and unforgettable moments.