Is it possible to have clean and healthy home? Yes, and we will show you how easy it is.

If you want to clean your home without being exposed to aggressive chemicals, you can use natural agents as vinegar, soda, lemon and so on. It is quite popular ecological option; however, your home will hardly be as clean as you want it to be.

Another solution is to clean your home with natural, eco-friendly cleaning products. The problem is that most natural cleaners are not as effective as regular cleaners. Natural ingredients only are not enough. We want more! We want new approach, new ideas and more values without compromise on efficiency, quality and naturalness. That’s why we selected only the finest and superior quality natural raw materials together with the greatest base of them all and one of the most wonderful creatures of nature – PROBIOTICS.

Probiotics, also called good bacteria, are live microorganisms that naturally lives in human body and environment that surround us. Researches has shown that probiotics are beneficial to human health, protect the body from bad bacteria in the intestine, stimulate the immune system and help to heal faster.

Probiotics continue their work on cleaned surfaces long after cleaning, protecting from the spread of harmful bacteria, neutralizing bad odours and extending time between cleanings.

With PROBIOTIC CRAFT homecare products, you will experience the joy of clean and healthy home.

Cleaning inspiration tricks for an easy start

For an easy start first choose the music you like and select the fragrance you want. All PROBIOTIC CRAFT homecare products are fragrance-free because we don’t want to decide how your home should smell. We leave that to you. You can choose from any different kind of fragrances or essential oils and create your own mood for your home.
Start cleaning wisely wiping the dust first, then vacuuming and finally washing the floor.

Bathroom cleaning

Cleaning bathroom tiles with vinegar, baking soda or lemon sounds eco-friendly? Give up this time-consuming way of cleaning and forget cleaning with aggressive and harsh chemicals. There is an easy and natural way with PROBIOTIC CRAFT bathroom cleaner. Composed of superior natural origin ingredients and probiotic bacteria, for the ultimate experience and special care in your bathroom. Cleaner effectively removes limescale, soap, stains and stubborn dirt, does not damage surfaces and provides shine. Clean easily bathroom tiles, joints, furniture, sinks, taps etc. Even the toilet bowl, just spray the cleaner leave for 10-15 min. and rinse with water.

Odour remover is a handy helper

Does your washing machine smell bad? Often, unpleasant odours are caused by bad bacteria that multiply rapidly in humid and warm places. PROBIOTIC CRAFT odour remover is composed of superior natural origin ingredients and probiotic bacteria, which help prevent the growth of bad bacteria and thus prevent the formation of unpleasant odours.

Is your laundry stale? Spray PROBIOTIC CRAFT odour remover and refresh stale clothes. With odour remover you can prolong washing intervals. Save water, detergents and nature! Read here for other uses of PROBIOTIC CRAFT odour remover.

Floor cleaning

Probably it’s the final chore on your cleaning list. Let’s make the floor sparkle. PROBIOTIC CRAFT floor cleaner is composed of superior natural origin ingredients and probiotic bacteria. Enriched with hazelnut oil for the ultimate experience and special care of your floor. Hazelnut oil protects your floor from harmful externalities as well as your hands during cleaning. Cleaner is suitable for all types of floors: wooden, varnished, oiled, parquet, stone tiles etc.

Be creative and playful with PROBIOTIC CRAFT. Add a few drops of your favorite fragrance or essential oil to your mop water and create your own mood for your home!