How to Upgrade Your Spring Cleaning Routine with Eco-Friendly and Health-Protective Products

Spring cleaning requires time and effort, and it’s rarely connected with pleasant experiences. So although a yearly cleaning is a must, this annual tradition is not one of those we wait impatiently. 

We offer three tips on how to upgrade the spring cleaning experience with sustainable home care solutions so that it would become more mindful, meaningful, and satisfactory.

woman with curly hair cleaning a wooden table
  1. Go Green Before You Spring Clean

Spring cleaning includes a list of simple tasks such as cleaning the windows, dusting the surfaces, getting rid of winter clothes, and bringing back floral summer dresses. We don’t neglect that. But foremost, it is the process of sorting out what you want to keep and what you don’t need anymore. 

Thinking about spring cleaning from a broader perspective, you can make this tradition a much more sustainable, nature-friendly experience. Prepare for it accordingly: 

  • Read the labels while doing the spring clean shopping. It’s time to get rid of petroleum-based cleaning agents that will harm you and the environment in the long term. Avoid phosphates and nitrogen, parabens and sulfates, ammonia and bleach, chlorine, and glycerin. Artificial fragrances should also raise suspicion since they are often made from petrochemical derivatives, such as petroleum or coal tar.
  • Seek environmentally friendly solutions. It doesn’t mean that you’ll need to clean your home with lemon and vinegar. There are various natural and effective products available, such as the whole Probiotic Craft’s home care products line
  • Trust the internationally recognized quality signs. Some companies bypass growing consumers’ environmental concerns with grand but empty statements about their contribution to the environment. Thankfully, the eco-aware product market is also growing fast. There are ways to check which of them are genuinely eco-friendly. You can recognize quality products by looking for recognized, quality labels signs, such as Ecocert or V-Label.

2. Focus on the Deeper Meaning Behind the Deep Clean

Spring cleaning is not necessarily another boring thing on your to-do list. It may be so if you think about it only as wiping the surfaces you’ve overlooked on your regular cleaning days. However, it is also about a fresh start: making healthier decisions and focusing on the well-being of you and your beloved ones.

woman cleaning bookshelf
  • Avoid unnecessary ingredients in your home care products. Various preservatives, colorants, or fragrances allow the cleaning agents to look or smell better, but these are distracting qualities that don’t make the products more effective. 
  • Seek for health-protecting solutions. Aggressive additives can irritate or even allergize the skin. Protect your beloved ones by using dermatologists and allergologists-approved home care products.
  • Replace harmful  microorganisms with probiotics. Artificial cleaning agents kill all the bacteria leaving the space free for potentially dangerous microorganisms to come back and grow. Thankfully, modern technologies allow you to control their amounts in your surroundings. One way to do this is by using probiotics complimented products that fill in the environment with the good bacteria. Such products as Probiotic Craft prevent potentially harmful microorganisms from reentering your home for a longer time.

3. Blend Work and Pleasure

Reward yourself — make the spring cleaning experience more pleasant by complementing it with aromatherapy and superior natural ingredients.

  • Combine home care and cosmetics. Innovative solutions incorporate ingredients commonly used in cosmetics into home care products. For instance, Probiotic Craft offers such products as floor cleaner with moisturizing hazelnut oil, laundry liquid with lotus extract, or dishwashing liquid with hyaluronic acid and sea salt.
  • Create your own mood in your home. Most cleaning agents include fragrances that you can’t get rid of. At Probiotic Craft, we work a bit differently. We offer fragrance-free solutions that you can pair with natural home fragrances yourself by adding a few drops of them into the solution. Forget the unnecessary odors: create your own mood for your home!

Probiotic Craft: Nature-Inspired Home Care Products

Spring cleaning is a perfect time to move from the regular to innovative, eco-friendly, and health-boosting home care solutions. Incorporate our items into your home care products shopping list and upgrade the spring cleaning by moving towards a more mindful, meaningful, and pleasant home care.