How to Spice Up Home Care Routine with Your Favorite Scents

Would you say that you’re passionate about washing dishes or wiping out dust? Probably not. But what if, throughout such a process, you’d keep smelling your favorite aroma? Could it turn these tedious tasks into something more enjoyable?

Scents are so powerful that they can affect human moods, emotions, and attitudes towards specific things. Here we will explain how they can be used in various products to enhance home care routine.

Clean does not smell like anything

Cleanness has no scent. Yet, our minds are so used to connecting the smell of the cleaning products with the process that we often have some type of idea of how “clean” should smell.

Considering that customers find scent one of the essential factors for buying, companies usually incorporate fragrances in products’ formulas.

Of course, a preselected smell can nudge a person to buy. But it has downside effects too. Since people tend to prefer different scents, it’s hard to select those that appeal to everyone. To make it simple, people who like fresh fruit may be irritated by roses and vice versa.

There is also a reason behind the fact that many scented home care products smell artificial and overpowering.  Added fragrances are rarely natural and they hide unpleasant odors of other chemicals. Subsequently, the resulting scents hardly remind of the real apples or roses, but rather fruit or flowers dipped into strong artificial substances.

Having used conventional products for a longer time, some people (especially the ones with allergies) start searching for less intrusive smells.

PROBIOTIC CRAFT brand is unique due to the sustainable and innovative approach to home care as well as added fragrances. Since CRAFT’s production is 99 % natural, it is unnecessary to camouflage its smell with specific aromas. Therefore, CRAFT dares to offer scentless products with a natural home fragrance collection on the side.

Create your own mood for your home

The significant advantage of a fragrance-free line is that it allows everyone to customize their home and laundry scents.

Brought home some fresh flowers, so you don’t want anything to overpower their aroma? Great, it doesn’t need to. Bought designer’s perfume that needs to stand out? OK! Feel that it’s time to “play” with the emotions by adding fragrance into your floor cleaner or fabric softener? Perfect! PROBIOTIC CRAFT’s home-scent collection is here just for that.

At the moment, there are 4 fragrances from 100 % natural raw materials that were carefully mixed at PROBIOTIC CRAFT. Each of them reflects different moods and emotions. Learn more about them and pick your favorite.

NATURE. This is a refreshing mixture of mint, lemon, green notes, rose, violet, green tea, and guaiac wood. This is the smell of the NEW clean, which highlights the beauty of a simple day and subtle aesthetics.

RELAXATION. You don’t need to live near the sea to feel its breeze at home. Celebrate peace and tranquillity by letting in the scents of pear, anise, green notes, jasmine, neroli, melon, algae, aloe vera, and marine notes.

SENSATION. When the mood is right, adventures can happen everywhere! Feel a lack of inspiration? Sharpen your senses with a blend of mint, petitgrain, tea, orange blossom, and guaiac wood.

CARNIVAL. Prepare for a memorable party by adding a few drops of strawberry, green notes, rose, and orange blossom into your home care products. Let the Rio Carnival fragrance fill your home with lush, festive, and spontaneous vibes!