How to Keep the Kitchen Clean and Safe

With the days getting gloomier, the kitchen becomes the busiest room at home where new signature recipes are born. But the more time you spend in the kitchen, the more you need to clean it afterward.

Although we all know the tasks to keep the kitchen free of grease stains, crumbles, or spoiled food, most pay little to no attention to the cleaning products they use. 

In this blog post, we focus on the difference between clean and sterile surfaces. Get to know why aggressive disinfectants in the kitchen can be harmful to human health and learn how your kitchen can stay safe without getting rid of all the surrounding microorganisms.

1.The Difference Between Clean and Sterile Kitchen

A clean kitchen means that it is free of dirt, stains, spots, grease, spoiled food, or food drops that can easily get contaminated. Such an environment still contains some unharmful liveliness. Sterility is another step of “cleanness” that started to get trendy after the aggressive chemical substances became widely avalable for everybody.  

Sterile space is “empty” of all the liveliness – both harmful and healthy microorganisms. Such an environment is needed only in rare occasions when we are extremely vulnerable or when all of the microorganisms must be kept apart. Think of operating theatres or chemistry labs. The immune systems have nothing to gain or learn from such environments. 

hands while cleaning

2. An Empty Space for Pathogens to Return

After making a meal most people wipe the kitchen surfaces, remove the food drops and stains, wash the dishes. Deeper cleaning is done less often. But when aggressive chemical disinfectants are used every few days, the kitchen surfaces and dishes become “an empty space” for harmful pathogens to return. 

The experiment done at PROBIOSANUS showed evidence that disinfecting the surfaces leaves the home unprotected from the new contamination with pathogens. In such an empty “space,” various microorganisms start spreading freely again after 2-3 days. 

In comparison, probiotics-supplemented home care products that introduce good bacteria into the home, create a long-lasting defense against other microorganisms – the numbers stay low even after 2-3 days. 

3. Aggressive Disinfectants May Do More Harm Than Good

Some people prefer cleaning the kitchen almost every day to keep it sterile all the time. Although they solve the issue of pathogens returning, the other downsides of using aggressive chemicals are no less potentially harmful. 

Regular cleaning agents often contain dangerous, cancerogenic ingredients, various preservatives, artificial colorants, and fragrances that irritate the skin and respiratory system. Even after carefully washing the cleaning agent off with water, some of it can still stay on the surface. Think of the ways their existence at the place where the meals are prepared affect human bodies.

Living healthy is about maintaining balance in life. Neither a messy and dirty, nor a sterile environment is positive for human organisms. Also, no artificial fragrances are needed – let your kitchen smell of the fantastic meals you produce.  

4. The Healthy Approach to Cleanness

Replace aggressive chemicals with natural, probiotic-supplemented, scentless home care products that create a long-lasting defense against harmful microorganisms and protect your body at the same time. Here’s the kitchen kit we recommend:

Natural Probiotic Craft home care products for clean and safe kitchen

PROBIOTIC CRAFT multi-surface cleaner and PROBIOTIC CRAFT floor cleanerEnriched with natural hazelnut oil that protects your furniture from harmful externalities as well as your hands. 

PROBIOTIC CRAFT bathroom cleaner. If you have a stainless steel countertop or sink, our bathroom cleaner is ideal for making these surfaces spotless and shiny. Effectively removes limescale, soap and water residue. 

PROBIOTIC CRAFT dishwashing liquid. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, seawater, and sea salt for the ultimate experience. Hyaluronic acid protects your hands from dehydration and helps retain moisture, giving your skin vitality, elasticity and youthfulness. Sea water and sea salt are full of minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, and zinc that soothe the skin. 

PROBIOTIC CRAFT accessories and home fragrances. Gentle ways to enhance your kitchen cleaning routine and create your own mood for your home.

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