How to Choose Cleaning Products if Your Skin is Sensitive

Sensitive skin is an issue that bothers many. Especially during the colder months when the heating season starts, the winds are harsher, and the temperature and air humidity fluctuate more. Follow this blog post to learn how to protect sensitive skin from getting even more irritated with the right choice of home care products. 

How Home Care Products Can Influence Skin Sensitivity

Increased skin sensitivity is a condition that means the skin has lost some of its protective barriers and, thus, has become more reactive. 

Sensitive skin is more prone to redness, itching and unpleasant experiences, such as burning or stinging after contact with harmful externalities.

The products we use to clean bathrooms often include aggressive active ingredients, various colourants, preservatives and artificial fragrances that can irritate sensitive skin.  It’s not always possible to wipe off or rinse bathroom cleaners completely. That’s why some people are careful not to take a bath directly after cleaning it. 

Another common example is when the skin gets irritated after using poorly chosen laundry liquid. Since some of it remains in the clothes, consequently, its ingredients can cause an unpleasant reaction.

Probiotic Craft — Developed for Sensitive Skin

Once you experience the negative effects of having more sensitive skin, the necessary measures should be taken promptly. Not only do you have to reconsider your skin routine, but also make sure to avoid any unnecessary irritants that prevent the skin from healing. Aggressive chemical home and garment care products are among the first to be replaced.

Thankfully there are efficient and more skin-friendly alternatives in the market available that can replace irritant products easily. For example, PROBIOTIC CRAFT. Our product line is developed specifically for sensitive skin owners, and tested by dermatologists and allergologists.

Our products contain only the highest quality ingredients of natural origin. Their formulas have no preservatives, colourants or scents. We think that if you feel a need for a fragrance — you can absolutely do that yourself by adding a few drops of the natural aroma you like. Otherwise, it’s not the fragrances that clean the home, therefore they are completely unnecessary for a product to work well!

PROBIOTIC CRAFT formulas are truly innovative as well: they feature healthy bacteria  (probiotics) that can create a healthier environment for you and your beloved ones. A recent test we conducted proves that probiotics provide long-lasting protection from the return of harmful microorganisms.

Replace Aggressive Cleaners with PROBIOTIC CRAFT

Ready to protect the sensitive skin and clean your home effectively with eco-friendly PROBIOTIC CRAFT? Learn what should be in your bathroom care kit!

Bathroom Cleaner. Effective at cleaning bathroom furniture and tiles, sinks, taps, showers, bathtubs etc. Easily removes limescale, soap and water residue, does not damage surfaces and provides shine. 

Floor cleaner. Suitable for all types of floors: wooden, varnished, oiled, parquet, stone tiles etc. Hazelnut oil protects your floor from harmful externalities as well as your hands during cleaning. The probiotics in the formula are introduced to your home while mopping.

Laundry liquid. Enriched with lotus extract for the ultimate experience and special care of your laundry. Lotus extract has special antioxidant features, protects the human body from harmful externalities, and soothes and protects the skin from irritation and inflammation.

Multisurface cleaner. Hazelnut oil protects your furniture from harmful externalities. Suitable for oiled or varnished surfaces, and leather furniture.

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