Eco thinking it is not just a fashionable concept anymore.

We are delighted to see a growing trend that eco-thinking from idea and fashionable concept is becoming a way of living for many of us. And this lifestyle accommodates everything: from caring for own environment to strict requirements when choosing products.

Finding products that are safe for yourself, your family and whole environment is part of that thinking. Realizing that every step we take has an impact, we often look for ecological means to keep our homes clean as an alternative to chemicals.

So, what does ecological cleaning mean and what makes detergents eco-friendly?

Vinegar and lemon – natural cleaning agents.

There are many green and natural cleaning agents that you can use to clean your home. Most popular of them are vinegar and lemon.

Vinegar is often found in every home and cleaning with vinegar is of course eco-friendly option, as it does not contain any chemicals.

Another eco-friendly cleaner used to clean the surfaces of your home is lemon. Lemon is popular green and natural option in removing limescale, cleaning the tiles and oven or even freshening the room air.

However, with vinegar and lemon your home will hardly be as clean as you want it to be. Besides, we all know that annoying smell emitted by vinegar. So, it is not the best natural options, especially when we have another solution – natural and eco-friendly cleaners.

Probably the best and the most unique experience that you can find is PROBIOTIC CRAFT.

What makes PROBIOTIC CRAFT so unique and eco-friendly?

Eco-friendly detergents are much better choice for nature and human than conventional supermarket detergents, that are often made from petroleum-based ingredients.

PROBIOTIC CRAFT – efficient and innovative home care products crafted from the synergy of nature and science, enriched with probiotics and unique ingredients for inspiring living – the masterpiece of sustainable elegance for eco-conscious people.

All PROBIOTIC CRAFT products are from natural ingredients only. Moreover, all these products are enriched with probiotics – good bacteria – invisible warriors to protect you and your beloved.

All detergents are biodegradable, fragrance-free and additive-free, approved by allergists and dermatologists. Preservatives and fragrances are common allergens, and we proudly declare that PROBIOTIC CRAFT is the only one products that contains no preservatives at all!

In PROBIOTIC CRAFT products, quality is at the heart of everything we do. That is why all products are certified by ECOCERT and V-LABEL (European Vegetarian Union). Moreover, we always strive for more, so internal quality standard was installed: all products must meet 4E GUARANTEE standard: ecological, efficient, creating enduring protection and economy efficient.

With PROBIOTIC CRAFT we promoting sustainable lifestyle that strives for the balance with nature. For this reason we, as a company, investing in sustainable management of natural resources and production methods, as well as renewable energy.

PROBIOTIC CRAFT is not just another home care product. It is a blend of nature, new ideas, emotions, and modern innovations.

Eco-friendly and innovative products for your home. 

With PROBIOTIC CRAFT we lifted home care products to the next level, combining best practices from home care and cosmetics categories. Products are enriched with superior ingredients like hyaluronic acid, seawater, hazelnut oil or lotus extract for the ultimate home care experience.

For the surfaces of your cozy home.

Dishwashing liquid formula enriched with superior ingredients you will be pleasantly surprised, and which you can find in premium cosmetics only!  PROBIOTIC CRAFT dishwashing liquid contains hyaluronic acid, seawater and sea salt, which pamper and care for the sensitive skin of your hands.

Floor cleaner formula contains hazelnut oil to care for your floors. Hazelnut oil here works like a hand cream for your hands. It nourishes and protects natural wood floors, gives a beautiful shine to wooden floor surfaces, but is also ideal for parquet and stone floors. PROBIOTIC CRAFT floor cleaner is designed for those who take care of the surfaces of their home with the same passion as their own skin.

Multi-surface cleaner’s unique composition is finished with hazelnut oil to help protect furniture and home surfaces. PROBIOTIC CRAFT multi-surface cleaner is fragrance-free, like all other products. That is why they are excellent products for people with allergies.

Bathroom cleaner is designed for the ultimate experience and special care in your bathroom. PROBIOTIC CRAFT bathroom cleaner is effective at cleaning bathroom furniture and tiles, sinks, taps, showers, bathtubs or even toilet bowls. Effectively removes limescale, soap and water residue, does not damage even sensitive surfaces and provides beautiful shine.

For the best of your garments.

Laundry liquid contain a unique lotus extract that not only takes care of your garments but also your skin. The odorless PROBIOTIC CRAFT laundry liquid is suitable for even sensitive skin and the antioxidant properties of the lotus extract soothe and protect it.  By using this product for washing sensitive materials like wool or silk you will ensure better protection and maintain a flawless shape of your garments.

Fabric softener acts like a conditioner for the hair; it makes sure your laundry stays soft for longer. PROBIOTIC CRAFT fabric softener is very concentrated; a very small amount is sufficient. It also contains lotus extract that is gentle on the skin and sensitive materials.

Odour remover is a true everyday superhero. The innovative and wonderful PROBIOTIC CRAFT odour remover extends the washing intervals and thus significantly reduces the amount of laundry. The magical spray saves both time and effort, extends the life of your garments and adds healthy probiotics to your living environment.