Probiotics are live microorganisms that naturally lives in human body and environment that surround us. Probiotics are familiar to us from many different contexts. We use probiotics in medicine, in daily life as a dietary supplement, dairy food (yogurt, fermented milk) etc. Now, with probiotics you can enrich your home environment, surfaces or laundry.

PROBIOTIC CRAFT products were created together with our Scandinavian partners specially for Scandinavia market. That’s why all products meet the highest standards of quality, safety, ecology and efficiency.

So, what does ecological cleaning mean and what makes detergents eco-friendly?

Vinegar and lemon – natural cleaning agents

There are many green and natural cleaning agents that you can use to clean your home. Most popular of them are vinegar and lemon.

Vinegar is often found in every home and cleaning with vinegar is of course eco-friendly option, as it does not contain any chemicals.

Another eco-friendly cleaner used to clean the surfaces of your home is lemon. Lemon is popular green and natural option in removing limescale, cleaning the tiles and oven or even freshening the room air.

However, with vinegar and lemon your home will hardly be as clean as you want it to be. Besides, we all know that annoying smell emitted by vinegar. So, it is not the best natural options, especially when we have another solution – natural and eco-friendly cleaners.

Probably the best and the most unique experience that you can find is PROBIOTIC CRAFT.

What makes PROBIOTIC CRAFT so unique and eco-friendly?

Eco-detergents are a better choice for nature than conventional supermarket detergents, whose surfactants are often crude oil-based and often contain unnecessarily polluting ingredients.

Probiotic Craft is not just a detergent or detergent product. The products are a blend of nature, new ideas, emotions, and modern innovations that promote harmony between nature and human. Ecology and environmental friendliness in Probiotic Craft detergents consist of many different factors. All detergents are biodegradable, approved by allergists and dermatologists, vegan, fragrance-free and additive-free.

ECOCERT-certified Probiotic Craft products are 100% biodegradable and contain only herbal ingredients. Still, there is no need to compromise on washing power, and Probiotic Craft’s products are the most effective. Based on the washing result, the Lithuanian test group was not able to distinguish whether it was a traditional dishwashing detergent or an eco-dishwashing detergent.

In Probiotic Craft’s products, quality is at the heart of everything we do. All products are certified by ECOCERT and V-LABEL (European Vegetarian Union) and meet the exact criteria of quality, safety, ecology, efficiency, and economy of the internal quality control system, 4E GUARANTEE.

Probiotic Craft wants to be involved in promoting sustainable development as well as a lifestyle that strives for balance with nature. For this reason, the company invests in sustainable management of natural resources and production methods, as well as renewable energy. The values ​​are also shown on packaging bottles that are 100% recycled plastic. All detergents are also concentrated, so they last longer in use.

Probiotic Craft products are also appreciated by sensitive skin members of the family, as they are carefully developed for sensitive skin and are approved by dermatologists and allergy doctors. Preservatives and fragrances are common allergens, and Probiotic Craft is the only one that contains no preservatives at all.

Choose safe detergents for your home

In addition to emphasizing functionality in the Probiotic Craft series: that is, the benefits to health and nature without compromising on washing efficiency, cleaning can also be an inspiring experience in Probiotic Craft’s vision. That is why these safe and family-friendly detergents contain only high-quality natural ingredients that pamper and protect both skin and home surfaces.

On the surfaces of your home:

DISHWASHER contains hyaluronic acid, which has grown in popularity as an effective moisturizer in natural cosmetics, among other things.

FLOOR CLEANER contains hazelnut oil to help protect the floor.

MULTI-SURFACE CLEANER acts as a credit product for every home that is generally suitable for many different surfaces in the home.

For bathroom surfaces and optimal cleanliness, a separate BATHROOM CLEANER has been created, which is in a convenient spray bottle, which means that cleaning is also effortless.

For the best of your clothes

LAUNDRY LIQUID contains lotus extract, which leaves a wonderfully soft feeling on the surface of the garment after washing.

The laundry can be finished with FABRIC SOFTENER, which, like laundry detergent, is sufficient for 25 washes

THE ODOR REMOVER extends the washing interval for clothes and other textiles. This product is especially popular in the maintenance of sportswear and equipment. For example, you can spray deodorizer on shoes to avoid unpleasant odors.

Please choose Probiotic Craft cleaning products when you only want the best for your home surfaces and the longevity of your clothes.